Holy Crap, This Jaw-Dropping Star Destroyer Is Over Three Feet Long

This mahoosive model of the Eclipse-Class Super Star Destroyer from Dark Horse's Star Wars: Dark Empire comics more than lives up to the excessive grandeur of the Imperial Navy. Just as it was ridiculously oversized in the comic, it's ridiculously (and awesomely) oversized here.

This incredible ship was built from scratch by Fabio Delfino last year and is just packed with detail, with a list of features almost as long and impressive as the 8-month building time. The 1:15625 scale model (the dreadnought is mean to be 17 and a half kilometres long, because there's nothing like excessively huge spaceships in the Star Wars universe) is packed full of lighting - apparently 7 meters worth of LED strips are housed inside the ship's casing to light up the engines, docking bays and windows, as well as two sets of Red LEDs on each side of the ship and one in the nose with the superlaser array. There's even a bluetooth speaker jammed in there, because why not?


Delfino spared no expense for the stand either, creating a lightbox emblazoned with the Imperial emblem as well as the Eclipse' technical specifications, while also lighting the underside of the ship too. It certainly looks mightily impressive, especially in the dark. That other Star Destroyer, by the way, is meant to be to scale. Whaaaaaat! We're not even done with the brilliance yet, as Delfino also recently uploaded a fancy 4K (well, youtube-quality 4K) video showing off the 3,000 piece model's littlest details:

Impressive. Most impressive.

You can see a lot more pictures at Delfino's Facebook page linked above, but for now, Insert Wedge Antilles here.

[via Nerd Approved]

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