Holy Crap, This Passenger Train Totally Obliterated a FedEx Truck

Damn. In a terrifying accident in Utah, a FrontRunner train crashed into a FedEx truck and basically shredded its trailer into pieces, sending boxes flying everywhere. Thankfully (and impressively), there were no serious injuries in the crash, as it seemed the train busted through the softest part of the FedEx truck.


As you can see in the dash cam video below, the railroad crossing wasn’t active as the train was bellowing its way down the tracks. The gates weren’t down and the lights weren’t flashing, so you can’t exactly blame the truck driver for moving forward. Supposedly, the railroad crossing system is supposed to automatically default to a “down and active” position when there’s a power outage or no signal (and the snow definitely messed with the system), but it’s clear that didn’t happen. Officials are currently investigating the situation to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Let’s hope so.

[The Salt Lake Tribune]


Wayward Apology

The best part is how it lights up and puts the arms down after the train has hit the truck.