Holy Crap, Watch This One Huge Ass Firework Light Up the Entire Sky

Hot damn. This 573-pound firework basically fills the entire night’s sky with explosions so ridiculously huge and, like, everywhere that it’s almost unbelievable. One second you’re just watching normal fireworks go off, and then the next, you’re being blinded with the most insane 5-second light show your eyes will probably ever see.

The fireworks were launched in Zurrieq, Malta a couple months back. The good part is around the 1:35 mark but the build up to it ain’t bad either. Apparently, the firework, which was almost 10 feet wide, was made by Manwel Gauci from the Santa Katarina V.M. fireworks club of Zurrieq.

Here’s an angle from the helicopter:

[Lovin Malta, Janet Reed via Digg]

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Wayward Apology

It is now my singular goal in life to see this in person.