Home Alone Edited with More Blood Seems So Hilariously Demented

Let’s be real, if Kevin pulled off the traps and stunts he did in Home Alone in real life, there would be no movie, because the Wet Bandits would be deader than dead. Torching a scalp, smashing a head with a can of paint, beating up a chest with a crowbar, all those scenes would end up with a lot of gore and someone dying. But because it’s a fun kid’s Christmas movie, we can’t have that. Or can we?


Bit Massive re-edited some scenes from Home Alone to include more realism, which is to say, add more blood and more death to previously goofy scenes. So in these new versions, the snow shovel to the head would spew blood everywhere and the big swinging club down the stairs (plus the huge fall) would definitely deform a face or two. Metal.


David E. Davis

Fun fact: The old man wielding the snow shovel is the guy who sold Christine in the movie of the same name.