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Home Swimmer Reminds us of Special Needs Children

This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.
This image was lost some time after publication, but you can still view it here.

It was so abnormally hot yesterday that we could walk around solely in our underwear without feeling the least bit drafty, which really made us wish we had the Home Swimmer to use in our apartment's pool. If you've got a tiny pool of your own, the Home Swimmer allows you to tie yourself to a leash in order to "swim in place", essentially expanding your pool's length to infinity.


You can't really install these things in public pools, however, since it requires you digging holes and mounting a pole into the dirt. But for $70, your own home can become a much better place to train for the triathlon. For the biathlon you're going to have to build yourself a mountain and a shooting range.

Product Page [Promolife via Coolest Gadgets]

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I have a colleague who swam in the 88 Seoul Olympics on the Hungarian team. He says they used to practice extensively whilst tethered to the pool edge via bungee. There are several commercial options available online at this time, and I have personally tested the one you presented in this article, plus one that goes around your waist but simply ties off to the edge of the pool with velcro. The one I currently use, however, is based on bungee, but instead of connecting to your waist, has at each end of the single bungee cord a very comfortable and ergonomic foot and ankle strap. I have found that combining this with a water proof ipod case, plus a mask and snorkel, allows me to swim as gently or as furiously as I desire within the confines of the ridiculously small (wading) pool at my apt. while jamming out to (insert current flav of week music group). Very very cool, actually, and as this method is endorsed by an actual Olympic swimmer (no BS) I think it is probably ok for us mere mortals to utilize as well. Cheers. (sorry, too lazy this morning to find link myself, but if interested you can google with terms pool, tether to generate near complete list of what is available).