The Atlantic is reporting some pretty fascinating findings from a study on Internet usage patterns in homeless vs. non-homeless youth out of the University of Alabama. Apparently, for 75% of the youth surveyed, not even homelessness if a big enough impediment to getting at least an hour a day of Facebook or Twitter time.

Rosanna Guadagno, who led the university study, surveyed 237 college students and 67 homeless youth—all just a bit of 19-years-old, on average. "Since it is clear that the proportions of undergraduates and homeless young adults accessing social networking sites are similar, we assert that the term digital divide is not descriptive of the young adult population," the study concluded.


There is literally nothing that will keep the kids off that dang Facebook. (Though, ughh, a homeless youth's status updates must be pretty bleak. Right?) [TheAtlantic]

Image via Olly/Shutterstock

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