Just two more days until normally upstanding citizens take fate into their own hands and start playing with fireworks. Since we're all about safety here at Gizmodo, we've decided to help point y'all in the right direction, everything from finding the necessary chemicals to creating your very own sparklers. Isn't the Fourth of July great? What other holiday gets you off from work and encourages you to blow things up? Sweet Land of Liberty...

To start your own fireworks show, you'll first need to obtain the right chemicals. A degree in chemistry might help, but failing that, a few hours on the Internet should make you a pyrotechnician in no time. A quick visit to United Nuclear or Skylighter will get you all the chemicals and metals you'll ever need to accidentally burn down the shed. Most of the chemicals are only a few dollars, so feel free to bulk up. (I should note that United Nuclear may have gotten itself into some hot water recently. It seems Uncle Sam doesn't particularly like people selling chemicals that could be used to make banned fireworks, like M-80s and cherry bombs. Go figure.)


Alternatively, if full-fledged fireworks are too much for you, why not try your hand at making sparklers? These little guys have a short but glorious life, much like Achilles. About has the step-by-step directions you'll need to make your Fourth of July a safe and memorable one. Please, just don't get into trouble.

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