Some guys mod their cars with rims and spoilers and others mod their computers and game consoles so as to stand out, look cool, or just be an ostentatious know-it-all. A gentleman by the name of Dano2k0 set out to water-cool his Xbox 360 in addition to adding some extra lights just for kicks. As it stands, the CPU and GPU of the system that Microsoft built are water-cooled with a Tank-o-Matic mini reservoir. But why stop there when you can install a plexiglass side panel, a 90mm radiator pane on said plexiglass panel and a custom cut DVD window?

The mod is set to be featured in a UK Xbox magazine next month, or you can check out the original forum post and see all the pictures right now. It definitely puts the Cool IT water-cooled 360 in its place.


Dano2k0's Watercooled 360 Project, All In Its Original Case!, Possibly one of the best watercooled projects yet? [Xbox-Scene Online Web Community via Xbox-Scene]