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Honda's Nostalgic Toy adverts go from bad to worse - For a Good Cause

I'm so glad the latest videos in Honda's bizarre, toy-themed adverts are for good causes, because otherwise... well, these would be just as nightmarishly terrible, but there would be nothing hopeful to feel about after watching them!


The two videos see Skeletor singing about his new found 'friendship' with He-Man to the tune of Jingle Bells, while the one below sees G.I. Joe wooing Jem to the tune of Deck the Halls:

Before you try to claw your own eyes and ears out - which would be a completely understandable and justifiable reaction - bear in mind that such absurd travesties have been committed to film for noble reasons. Honda is using the pair of videos to decide where to make charitable donations - if the Skeletor/He-Man video gets the most shares by December 21st, $50,000 goes to the Little League Urban Initiative, and if it's the G.I. Joe/Jem video, it goes to the Children's Hospital of Orange County.


See? Not all awful advertising has to go towards nightmare generation that tries to get you to buy a Honda. Sometimes it can go towards aiding a charitable cause!

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Gotta suck to be the unlucky charity who loses the game. Who comes up with that as a marketing idea? "Vote for Skeletor and we won't support the Children's Hospital!" Actually, that's the same flawed logic as using an intergalactic despot to suggest a vehicle in the first place.