Hone Your Sushi Snatching Skills With This Adorable Chopstick Game

If you happened to make it out to Maker Faire New York this past weekend, you might have seen this wonderful creation that turns mastering chopsticks and dining on sushi into a skill-testing game. NYU students Christina Carter and Jess Jiyoung Jung's ChopsticKing challenges players to not only snatch a moving target, but also do it while properly holding and manipulating chopsticks.

To ensure they're being held correctly, the chopsticks feature conductive contact points so the game can sense your fingers, which also prevents players from cheating by reaching for a fork. The sushi game tokens, which are made all the more difficult to grab thanks to a spinning obstacle, also feature RFID tags so the game knows if they've been grabbed—and properly dunked in virtual soy sauce—before being plated.

It sounds challenging, but thankfully the game is lacking the most difficult part about going out for sushi—actually recognizing and identifying what you've ordered. [ChopsticKing via Make]


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