Honeymooning Zuckerberg Can't Figure Out an ATM

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Mark and Priscilla are on their honeymoon, adding Life Events to their Timelines and handing out shiny American dollar coins to Italian peasant children. But they might be running low on that IPO cash, because Zuck can't use an ATM.

In the video below, captured by Italian TM News, the nouveaux riche royalty are seen struggling to use an ATM, which the bank swears was functioning normally. Yep, just a regular ATM, like they have here, not just in Italy. There are ATMs in Menlo Park. Zuck struggles to understand out this strange machine, eventually asking some locals for help, and then giving up completely and leaving the scene entirely. Perhaps this is why he and Priscilla have been spotted eating McDonalds in Italy—or maybe just chalk that up to Zuck's love of fried chicken.


Do billionaires even need to use ATMs? Isn't that what a money bin is for? No matter—if you're in Naples and see Mark Zuckerberg, perhaps lend him a few euro, for the lovebird is without cash. And the man needs chicken. [Telegraph, NY Post]