Hop-On 1800 $10 GSM Cell Phone is a Phone You Won't Mind Losing

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For those of you who don't consider the cell phone a status symbol, and could do without live updates on mysterious Apple cargo ships, comes the "disposable" 1800 from Hop-On. The $10 GSM phone is another in a long line of cheap, no frills Hop-On cell phones, but before you decry the company for creating more e-waste, hit the jump for specs and the company's rebate program.

The 1800 comes in two models, a dual-band 850/1900MHz and the 900/1800MHz for Europe and Asia, and works worldwide. A Hop-On press release promises local SIM card compatibility for more than 40 domestic wireless carriers. Both phones feature a talk time of up to 4 hours with 150 hours of standby time. Trash can not included, so please recycle. Hop-On even encourages the practice by offering a $5 rebate on returned phones. [Press release via Slashphone]