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If you are a human who is both lazy and inconsiderate, you've found comfort these past few years in Amazon's last-minute free overnight shipping selections. Bad news, fellow sloth. While that offer had been on the table up until early this morning, it's over on the day you need it most. Humbug!

Amazon's free overnight shipping had technically still been in play as of 4am ET today, although the selection was digitally picked over; only a handful of the Toys & Games selections were actually listed as truly next-day delivery. The rest were slated for your doorstep Friday at the earliest, with some pushed back until January. Other categories suffered similar scarcity, which probably explains why Amazon pulled the plug earlier than in years past.


Another reason they're not pushing to the limit? Last year's attempt to send out gifts across the country on this tight a deadline resulted in a lot of those gifts not making it under the tree, which in turn cost Amazon $20 per customer in make-nice money. So it makes sense—especially with storms brewing up and down the east coast—not to overpromise yet again.

Which is to say I get it, Amazon, I truly do. Free overnight holiday shipping was too beautiful a dream to maintain forever. I just wish I'd known that yesterday. Sorry, nieces!

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