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UPS Botch Your Christmas Deliveries? Amazon Has $20 for You

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Didn't get your last last last minute gifts from Amazon delivered on time? Neither did a lot of other folks. Between weather and high demand, UPS choked. But there's good news: $20 Amazon gift cards are on the way to the afflicted.


According to the Wall Street Journal and some of our own readers, the $20 credits are automatically being applied to inconvenienced buyer's accounts, along with refunded shipping charges, so keep an eye out for your free Amazon money if you got burned by "overnight" shipping. Sure, it won't fix Christmas, but it's nice (and wise) of Amazon to step up and try to make you feel better about UPS's screwup.


And next time maybe you can order your gifts like one day earlier. [WSJ via Business Insider]