Just when we thought we could get away with a really slick pairing of Nokia phone and tuxedo-clad silver-screen icon, the cellphone maker itself beats us to the punch. Now you can buy an Nokia N73 in tux-friendly black, with a 256MB miniSD card containing The Godfather. Yep, Coppola's entire original 1972 film. According to Gearlog, the phone doesn't include a "Godfather Theme" ringtone. However, Nokia is eager to see what fans think of the innovative movie bundling; if you visit the site, you can suggest the next movie you'd like to see packaged with your N Series. I say skip Godfather II and go right to Godfather III—it's got Coppola's daughter in an acting role, so you know it's good. Now, let the bad Godfather line puns commence!


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