Hot Girlfriend Motivates Guy to Trade iPhone for $30 Camera

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Reddit commenter icallthebigspoon posted an ad on Craig's List trying to swap his camera for a usable AT&T phone. I sincerely doubt that he expected this offer, but he'd be one cruel man if he didn't take it.

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According to icallthebigspoon, he posted this simple, unremarkable Craig's List ad:

I have a pink Casio Elixim 7.2 Megapixel digital camera that needs a new battery and maybe a new charger as well. I am selling it for $30 OR I am willing to trade it for a useable cell phone that works on the ATT network. Email me if interested.


and received this response:

I am very interested in trading with you. I have a barely used att i-phone that my ex-wife gave me. I don't like to use it because it reminds me of her ugly face. I also have a camera just like yours except that the screen is cracked (I have the battery and charger). I need a camera bad because I have a new girlfriend and she is hot and is willing to let me take pictures of her!!!!! Lets make a deal straight up?

There's no word on whether he made the trade yet, but how could he not when it would make the other man's life oh-so-much more fun? [Reddit]

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I'm selling my iPhone on craigslist now. Some guy contacted me saying he wants to buy it but wants me to ship it to his son in Africa with a specific freight service that he suggested. He said he'll Paypal me the money and the cost of shipping. I probably won't do it, sounds crazy shady.