Hot Toys Are Making The Baby Groot Figure We've Been Dreaming Of

From the moment he hit theatres, the desire for a Baby Groot figure has been strong - and while Marvel's official all singing, all dancing Groot is on the way, Hot Toys might have just trumped them with this incredible looking, teeny collectable that needs to be on my desk RIGHT NOW.

Baby Groot is an entry in Hot Toy's 1/4 scale line, making him roughly 12cm tall, including his pot - pretty tiny, but perfect to put on your desk. But what's awesome about this Groot is that he is completely poseable - his body and arms are fully articulated, so you can bend him into any shape you want (and most importantly recreate his swanky dance moves).


He even comes with 3 swappable heads - Neutral, Smiling and a full on grin - so you can pose him either hiding from Drax or well into another groove session with the Jackson 5.

Usually this would be the bit where I break your heart and say that, as with all Hot Toys product reveals, Baby Groot is months and months away and is also mahoosively pricey. But he is neither of those things! Baby Groot will make his début in Hong Kong this weekend at Toy Soul 2014, available for purchase directly at the show - meaning it won't be long at all before the toy is available here in the west. Even better, Groot is a mere HK$260 - roughly $33. And even more good news! Groot is up for Preorder on Sideshow Collectibles right now for $45, shipping next month.


Sorry, Marvel. Hot Toys wins the great Baby Groot toy wars of 2014. Check out more pictures of the lil' sapling here.

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