That 'Civilised Age' being 'that time where you can spend around $2-300 and get an eerily realistic doll of Sir Alec Guinness', really. If that isn't civilisation, I don't know what is, frankly.

Yes, it's the turn of old Obi-Wan to get the luxurious treatment befitting the Jedi Master in Hot Toys' line of Star Wars figures, which continues to be just as much of a treat to gawp at as it must be excruciatingly painful for the wallets of Star Wars diehards. Which is to say, very much so.


Ben stands around 30cm tall, and as with all Hot Toys figures, he comes with a variety of hands to pose the figure at rest, gesticulating like he's using the Force, or wielding his lightsaber - which, like his former apprentice's did before him, comes LED powered so it lights up. There's not much else outside of a removable robe and a swish display stand, but to be fair, you're not really here for the accessories, you're here for the amazing looking facesculpt, which gets Guinness spot on, down to the last wrinkle.

I mean, just look at that face! It's most certainly not a new thing for Hot Toys' figures to look so scarily like the people they're depicting, but damn if Obi-Wan isn't the best of the Star Wars figures so far. Sure, that's not saying much as there's only been one other non-helmeted human being, but that doesn't take away from this being a pretty fine bit of sculpting.


Obi-Wan is due for release sometime later this year, and although there's no fixed price for him just yet, expect the usual $2-300 price range Hot Toys usually settle their figures in.

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