Hot Toys' Boba Fett Comes With A Sarlacc Pit To Eat Him Up

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Sure, in the former Expanded Universe, Boba Fett gained the reputation of being the meanest bounty hunter around—but in the movies, he’s better known for his less-than-graceful encounter with the Sarlacc pit. Hot Toys’s newest Star Wars toy capitalises on that moment, but makes it look a lot cooler, for Boba’s sake.

This isn’t the first time that Hot Toys have gotten their hands on the crafty Mandalorian: They unveiled a massive quarter-scale version of Boba last year, complete with a snazzy stand replicating part of one of Jabba’s skiffs—you know, shortly before the poor sap careened into the side of the Sail Barge and haphazardly tumbled his way into the open mouth of the hungry Sarlacc. Not his finest hour, honestly.


That said, this 1/6th version tries to make it look like Boba went out blasting like a champ. The awesome stand, exclusive to the deluxe version of the figure, lets you position Boba jetpacking his way out of reach of the tendrils of the Sarlacc, making his demise a bit more heroic than it was in Return of the Jedi.


It’s pretty damn rad, honestly.

The figure itself is really nifty too. Based on Fett’s appearance in Jedi, the figure comes with a blaster rifle and a plethora hands to hold said blaster, as well as some little Jetpack effects pieces to make it look as if it’s being activated.


It’s cool to see Boba make his way to the “main” series of 1/6th figures from Hot Toys—especially with the added features to make him a bit grander than he appeared in the movies. Man’s got a rep to maintain these days!


The figure will be out Summer 2016, and can be preordered from Sideshow Collectibles now—the standard sarclacc-less version will cost you $235, while the deluxe edition costs $260.

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