Hot Toys' Incredible New Hulk Is Suitably Massive And Angry

Like, seriously angry. That is the Hulk's thing, but man, Hot Toys' latest entrant into the Age of Ultron line certainly captures the rage of Bruce Banner in stunning style.

This is the second Hulk figure the company have done - they of course did a big Hulk/Bruce Banner set for the character's appearance in The Avengers - but this new figure certainly ditches any sort of neutral appearance and goes straight for white hot anger. Seriously, the damn thing looks like it's screaming at you in every photo. HULK NO LIKE POSING FOR TOY PHOTOGRAPHY, HULK DESTROY PUNY HOT TOYS PHOTOGRAPHER, GRAAAH.


The figure isn't just appropriately angry - it comes with two different heads, the full on yelling one you can see above and an alternate gritted teeth version - but appropriately massive too, standing well above the rest of the Hot Toys line at a humongous 17" of Hulking goodness. Aside from that, poor Hulkster doesn't come with much but the stretchy pants to keep him decent and some alternate hands.

The figure does however come in two flavours - there'll be a deluxe edition of the Hulk that comes with a different body sculpt, depicting the character primed to smash something to bits:


But perhaps most exciting in the announcement of this gorgeous figure is a teaser for a much bigger showdown to come in Hot Toys' line...


Yup, that's a Hulkbuster arm. Your wallet is not prepared.

Hulk will be available late this year for a hefty chunk of moolah - he'll soon be up for preorder in the US at Sideshow Collectibles.


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