Hot Toys Is Making a Sixth-Scale Millennium Falcon That's 18-Feet Long

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If you thought the sixth-scale Millennium Falcon cockpit diorama that Hot Toys showed off at Comic-Con was impressive, the company is apparently planning to reveal an 18-feet long, 12-feet wide model of the entire ship at the upcoming Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong.

Revealed on Hot Toys’ Facebook page, it’s not entirely clear if the impossibly massive Millennium Falcon model is just a gimmick to draw attendees to its booth, or an actual toy the company intends to sell to anyone willing to pay the undoubtedly obscene shipping charges.

Recently Hot Toys has showcased an impressive 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon cockpit at San Diego Comic-Con which has already fascinated many Star Wars fans! But we are not stopping there yet, as a complete and highly detail 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon measuring close to 18 feet (5.5 meters) long by 12 feet (3.7 meters) wide will actually be making an appearance at ACGHK! Its sheer astonishing presence will surely captured any fans’ attention!


If it is real, you die-hard Star Wars collectors are going to have to give up an entire room in your homes to display it, or just buy it its own apartment. [Facebook - Hot Toys via Toyark]

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