Hot Toy's New Thor Augments His Worthiness With... an App?

Finally, Hot Toys have unveiled the final member of the Avengers waiting for a place in their Avengers: Age of Ultron. But aside from being a pretty nifty figure of the god of thunder, Thor also comes with a neat little trick to make himself even worthier—a phone app to let you create cool pictures of your fancy toys in action.

The 1/6-scale figure is otherwise what you’ve come to expect from Hot Toys. Exquisitely detailed right down to the last strand of hair tumbling down the uncannily accurate face, Thor looks pretty damn fabulous in his latest incarnation. As for accessories, he of course comes with some alternate hands for holding things, but he also comes with two flavours of Mjolnir: one normal version of the hammer, and a second, light-up version complete with a little plastic lighting FX piece to make it look like he’s calling down a bolt of electricity:


But that’s not the only bit of tech-enhancement Thor gets. The figure’s base has been specially designed to work with a new iOS/Android app developed by Hot Toys that lets you snap pictures of your figures in digitally recreated environments. In Thor’s case, as you can see above, he gets surrounded by Ultron drones and gets some swish lightning effects on Mjolnir. Sadly there’s no word if the app works with figures already released other than Thor (it’d be a bit pointless if it didn’t)—but even then, it’s a cool idea to let you take fancy pictures of your figures, rather than just trying to snap pictures of them on your shelf or desk.

Thor will be out early next year, and is available for preorder in the US for $220.

[Hot Toys]


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