At this point we might as well hand over our bank accounts to Hot Toys and get second and third jobs to help pay for everything the company is creating. Its new John Matrix—aka Arnold Schwarzenegger—figure from 1985's Commando perfectly sums up every action movie from that era. Endless machine guns, endless rounds of ammo, and readily-available rocket launchers.

At one-sixth scale the figure will stand about twelve-inches tall when finally available, presumably some time next year, and it looks like it comes with more weapons and ammunition than a small army would (or could) carry. Everything from knives, to pistols, to grenades, to a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. And that likeness of Arnold himself is uncanny, it has to be the best sculpt of him to date.

There's no word on specific pricing or availability just yet, so to tide yourself over now's as good a time as any to revisit Boing Boing's Rob Beschizza's masterful re-editing of Arnold's Commando suit-up scene. [Hot Toys via Plastic and Plush]

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