House of Cards Season 3 Just Showed Up on Netflix For One Magical Moment

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ARGH! House of Cards season 3 was up on Netflix for a few tantalizing moments. The new season of the Kevin Spacey vehicle is supposed to drop on February 27th. But something happened and it was live today. We were watching House of Cards! And then just as quickly as it was live, it was down. All life is woe.


If you are in the middle of watching an episode, it will keep streaming from what we can tell, but if you navigate away from the season page, you'll lose it. DONT STOP.


Rats! I had cleared my evening. I informed my editors that I wasn't going to sleep tonight because I would be chilling with President Underwood. And then it was all taken away from me. I am inconsolable.


The official comment came back from Netflix: "Due to a technical glitch some Frank Underwood fans got a sneak peak. He'll be back on Netflix on Feb. 27."

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Armando Criscione

And like that.... it's gone