How 17 High School Students' Facebook Pictures Ended Up on a Child Porn Site

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And this is why you don't share your Facebook photos publicly. Unless of course you want them to turn up on the Internet's seedy underbelly.

Seventeen high school girls—some as young as 14 years—from the Bay Path Regional Vocational Technical School in Massachusetts have reportedly had their Facebook profile pictures and other personal information—including names, ages, and school info—lifted from their FB pages and posted on an Eastern European child porn website.

School officials were initially alerted to the problem back in January. The FBI has since launched an investigation though the agency isn't entirely sure what can be done. The website has apparently been shut down at least once in the past and is hosted in Ohio. Its servers, however, are located somewhere in Europe, which means that it's out of the jurisdiction of a domestic investigation.


"Three things in life used to be permanent: life, death, and taxes." said Worcester District Attorney Joseph Early, "Now it's life, death, taxes, and any image that you put on the internet." Now would be a good time to increase your Facebook Privacy settings to maximum. [CBS via ZDNet]

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I find this whole story bizarre.

Who are these girls and what are they posting on Facebook that would be enough to be considered child porn? I mean, sure, some might post some revealing pics of themselves, but I'd hardly think it's worthwhile for a child porn site.

Even on the off chance that one of them posted something truly warranting the attention (and wanted all her friends to see it), how are there SEVENTEEN of these girls? In one school?!

Lastly, if a site wants to steal your photos, how the heck do all these people find out? The internet is a huge cesspool of smut. I'm sure hundreds or thousands of people are being circulated naked on the internet without their knowledge. If someone from the school found out, doesn't that mean someone has to admit being the visitor on a child porn site?