How a Blind Man Uses the iPhone

Tommy Edison, the joyous blind film critic, can't see. But that doesn't stop him from using an iPhone 4S. In fact, thanks to Siri and some of the Accessibility features, he can check out YouTube videos, write Tweets and do everything you do.


Of coure, Apple has had these accessibility features on the iPhone for a while now but it's still amazing to see a blind man swiftly navigate through his iPhone — a touchscreen phone, mind you — so easily. Check out some of his blind movie reviews here. [Tommy Edison Experience via The Atlantic]



I'll say it: a BLIND film critic? That makes him even less useful than a sighted film critic. All he can really say is whether the dialog is any good. That leaves out so many movies. What about "2001" not much dialog, but a visual masterpiece. What about "koyanasqatsi" or any of the sequels? (Sorry if I spelled that incorrectly).

Don't get me wrong, he may be great at critiqueing dialog, but so much of the art of movies is visual. What about "passage to India". What about "Lawrence of Arabia". Ugh, he only gets about a third of the artform.