How Apple Picks Which Apps Make It to the App Store

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Apple's rejection of the Podcaster app for duping "the functionality of the Podcast section of iTunes" was a more dramatic blow to developers than we implied in our coverage, throwing the capriciousness of the approval process into the starkest relief yet, especially from the dev standpoint. Joy of Tech, thankfully, gives us some insight into Apple's innovation-killing process for the first time. Also check out John Gruber's argument about what's so wrong here. See also: NYT's coverage. [Joy of Tech]


Shub-Niggurath!*pew-pew* YourRuneIsMine!


seriously though, i just got a shuffle, which requires itunes, which required me to register for some bullshit "iStore" or something JUST to download album art for my library.

How does this comment relate to this post? Simple, I hate what apple has become. A nickle-and-diming secretive mega-corp.