How Battlestar Galactica Addiction Can Ruin Your Life

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Remember when you first got hooked on the Battlestar Galactica reboot? That heady feeling of discovery, together with the addictive rush of plot twist after revelation after character-driven moment. No matter how you feel about BSG now, we can all remember the excitement of getting immersed in this revolutionary show.

And now the IFC Channel's show Portlandia features a story of a couple who get a little too addicted to BSG — to the point where it wrecks their lives. Check out an exclusive clip from the second episode of the upcoming Portlandia season, fittingly entitled "One Moore Episode." This is just the first sequence in a storyline that continues throughout the whole episode.


The whole episode will air on January 13 at 10 PM EST, and you can also watch a sneak peek of the whole episode over at the Portlandia Facebook page from January 2 through 5. Portlandia's second season starts January 6.