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How Can You Not Love This Snuggie-esque HoodiePillow Even a Little?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sometimes innovations come around that fundamentally change society. The HoodiePillow is not one of those things. But I do like the idea of a pillow with a built-in eye mask. And there's something fun about this arguably goofy little product, kinda like the snuggie.

Unfortunately, some people do not feel the same way because they hate life or something. Casey and myself are the only ones who enjoy life's frivolities, apparently. Check out the Gizmodo chat transcript for yourself.

Andrew: based on the name the HoodiePillow should be much awesomer than this
Casey: haha im not mad at that
Adrian: srsly. new snuggie.
Sam: wow
Kyle: dont your arms get cold before your head does
Brent: Can you imagine waking up from a nightmare and you've got your head tangled in a pillow? that would be awful.
Joe: no no no no no that hoodie pillow is dumb as fuck
Adrian: but not passing on the hoodie right? because that thing is wonderful in a goofy way
Joe: Adrian, convince me
Adrian: ughhhhgugghgughghgh NEW SNUGGIE
Adrian: snuggie is very stupid, but also fun. YES FUN.
Andrew: I would rather have a pillow in the hood of an actual hoodie
Joe: I just don't see why you'd want your head affixed to a pillow. I feel like that thing would suffocate me
Adrian: built-in eye cover!
Casey: i would love being affixed to a pillow
Joe: wtf does that even mean?
Kyle: the pillow veil as gear
Adrian: or whatever people cover their eyes with when they sleep
Joe: oh, that's a recipe for success
Adrian: i dunno
Casey: most of the times i use my pillow as a face cover
Leslie: i have an eye mask
Leslie: heh
Andrew: I agree with joe, mostly dropped it for purposes of mockery
Casey: yeah andrew didnt even like the hoodie snuggie
Casey: he was a hater
Joe: And Andrew is Canadian. they like everything
Leslie: the hoodie is having a year, man.
Adrian: #teamhoodiesnuggiepillow #teamfollowback


You totally agree with me, right? RIGHT? [HoodiePillow]