How Developers Really Feel About Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 could save Microsoft's mobile future, but what do developers think about it? IM app BeeJive's CEO Kai Yu: "I think it's just royally fucked. That place is so big: The tools, the people, it's all so fragmented."

The one developer Wired talked to who was actually kinda up on Windows Phone 7 was the COO of Pageonce, which makes the awesome app Personal Assistant for iPhone and BlackBerry—he's excited that Microsoft "has some incredible platforms they can tie all together with the new mobile platform."


But then there's Peter Hoddie, the CEO of Kinoma, which makes media software for Windows Mobile, who wasn't too thrilled about Silverlight supposedly being a huge component of the app development kit: "Silverlight, geez...Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water."

Given the way some developers feel Microsoft's mistreated them in the past—and the way Microsoft's basically killed the current Windows Mobile platform—it sounds like Microsoft's got a ton of sweet talking to do to rally the dev troops if they wanna be on the same playing field as other platforms when it comes to apps. More quotes from developers over at Gadget Lab: [Gadget Lab]


Update: Corrected a mix-up with the quotes from Pageonce and Kinoma's respective execs.