How Do You Feel About Google Instant?

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Today we got Google Instant, a fairly radical overhaul of Big G's homepage that delivers predictive search results as you type. That's crazy! But do you think it's crazy cool or crazy stupid?


Google says the new system shaves precious seconds off of every search—and when you're searching all the time, as pretty much everyone on the internet is these days, that can add up quick. But is it worth having your search engine constantly flashing updated results at you, letter by letter?

So, first, simply: Do you like Google Instant? Give us the lowdown in the comments.

OK, now that we've got that out of the way, here's the next question. Google says that they're working on bringing Instant to other places you search, like mobile devices and browser search boxes. Do you want letter by letter predictive searching everywhere?


I'm still on the fence. I hardly ever search from anymore, so I don't feel too strongly, but it definitely feels like it could get to information overload-status pretty quickly. What do you think?



Since I use Chorme there is no need to go to to search. I do however like the idea of bringing Instant to mobile devices, since there the I could do with less typing.