How Does Kenny G Tweet?

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On the day after Black Friday—known to those in the industry as the slowest blogging day of the year—Kenny G did a legendary tweet. It depicts the famous saxophonist gazing directly into your soul, resting on his bicycle with confident masculinity, his arms crossed. “My hands are for one thing,” he proclaimed. “Playing sax.”

Writing about this, a colleague of mine warned, “would be pushing the limits of making content from nothing.” But god damn it, this tweet moves and inspires. It is peak Kenny G. It is peak Twitter. It is some damn good internet. (And don’t we all need some good internet from time-to-time?)


Behold, beauty:

And really, who could argue with that?

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Only one question remains—how does the man tweet?


Eve Peyser was the night editor at Gizmodo.

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