How Famous Tech Products Got Their Unforgettable Names

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It's not really hard to guess how OS X and Windows 7 got their name. But what about IBM's ThinkPad? Or Firefox? CIO has a rundown of the origins of 10 tech products' iconic names—like just where the hell iPod and Twitter came from. Surprisingly none were picked at random out of a hat after taking a large quantity of drugs, which is how I hoped at least one came to be. They also talk to David Placek, the brains behind perhaps more superstar tech brands than anyone, like BlackBerry. And Zune, though he doesn't deign to explain that particular mystery. [CIO via Slashdot]


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Shamoononon drives like a farmer

I used to call fire fox my the name of it's maker, Mozilla. Unfortunatly it took me a while to realize it wasn't pronounced 'Mot-zilla' so most people though I was talking about cheese or my hero Godzrilla.