How Far Can North Korea's Missiles Actually Reach?

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Though we know in theoretical terms that North Korea has missiles that could hit Los Angeles, where else could North Korea's missiles actually hit? With all the hub bub about North Korea and its redeployment of missiles on North Korea's eastern coast, the Washington Post created a map showing the range of North Korea's various missiles.


No one is sure what missiles North Korea has redeployed, it could be the Musudan missiles (that's what South Korea says) or the KN-08 (that's what Japan is saying) but thanks to the gigantic Pacific Ocean, most of the United States looks to be safe from harm from both those missiles. Nearby Japan and South Korea and China, on the other hand, could be assed.

The best thing on the world's side (sort of) is that neither missile is especially accurate. It could hit the ocean for all we know. Plus, though North Korea may have the bravado of long range missiles, they might not have the brains to actually launch one. [Washington Post]


Stuart Cooper

Dear World,

Please stop with the North Korea shit. Just stop. I realise the news cycle demands that every current issue be hyped to "OH MY GOD THIS IS URGENT AND YOU MUST LOOK AT IT RIGHT NOW!" levels, but as one of the 20 million people living in Seoul we'd like you to kindly consider a few things.

1. No, they can't fucking nuke the US. Stop making a big deal out of it. Nothing there has changed.

2. Wait, no, that's it. Nothing else has changed. Everywhere else that was previously in range of their rockets or artillery is still in range of it, and the threats and bluster coming from them is no different to the threats and bluster that has happened every year for the last . . . forever. . . basically.

3. The North does not want a war. The North is a dictatorship that has spent 50 years fine tuning the art of surviving (and living in luxury if you're at the top) by part abusing their people, blackmailing the outside world, and getting "concessions" when they start behaving well for a short time. They are in the business of survival - not suicide, and the idea that they are mad and want a war is something that only real idiots who don't actually think about a situation very thoroughly could hold onto.

Now, please stop making things worse through your media beat ups and, in particular, please stop with the idiotic "lets just bomb them" statements. Those of us actually living in range of North Korea don't need your idiot politicians even contemplating the idea of starting a war over what is, to those of us living here, just life as normal.