How Graphene Could Transform the Gadgets of the Future

Graphene doesn't need any introduction: it's the super material to beat 'em all. But this beautiful video demonstrates how it could transform the future of the gadgets you use everyday.


There's been an idea floating around for a couple of years which suggests that graphene could be used to construct the world's best supercapacitor: an electronic component that can hold as much charge as a battery, but juice up as quickly as a capacitor (that's real, real fast, by the way). This video—nominated as a finalist in the GE Focus Forward Filmmaker Competition—dives into the research behind that simple idea. Enjoy. [YouTube]


Sadly I'm sure that companies will take this technology and make it super expensive. I can't believe that one day we will be able to go to a gas station and simply charge our cars in 30 seconds with similar costs than the ones we have now a days for energy... (unless we would live in a resource based economy, or course).

So much technology available to make our lives much easier and here we are, working 8 hours a day as we used to do 100 years ago. Makes you wonder if we are actually using technology in the best way we could...