How insanely low can you fly an airliner? This crazy

This is madness: watch this crazy pilot celebrate 100 years of Argentinian civil aviation with the longest and lowest flyby I've ever seen. That plane is a 94-foot wingspan Boeing 737-500 capable of carrying 132 passengers. This is even crazier than my previous favorite low pass:

That's a Portuguese Airbus A310 doing an extremely low flyby at the Evora 2007 Air Show. It's a shorter flyby—and hence less difficult and dangerous than the Argentinian one—but when it turns at the end my heart skips a beat. Here's the complete video for the Argentinian Boeing:

And then you have this B-52 Stratofortress madness flying lower than the deck of the USS Ranger aircraft carrier, a few feet above the waters of the Persian Gulf in 1990.

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Really? The Airbus A310 is flying way lower than the 737-500! Clearly. The B52 is not flying a feet above the water. It must be several meters at least.