How Is This Man Floating in the Air?

This man looks like he's magically floating in the air, standing on some sort of elevated invisible ground above Manhattan. How does he manage to do this? Does he have special powers? Is it magic? Can he teach us how to do it too?

The man is actually longtime performance artist Johan Lorbeer who is more crafty illusionist than superhero. Lorbeer is notorious for pulling this stunt in public places and it looks like this time he's shilling for Rockport's lightest shoes ever, the truWALKzero, in New York City.


The stunt is visually stunning but his trick is quite simple, Lorbeer's 'arm' is not actually his arm but a supporting bar for his body. If you want to see picture proof of the trick's secret, head here.

Now how the heck does that girl sit sideways in the air like that? [Counterkicks via Buzzfeed]

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