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How Is This Water Frozen in Time?

What kind of YouTube witchery is this? Four hundred years ago, we'd all be burned for watching this video—the man's made a stream of water stand completely still in the air. How'd he do it?


The answer is timing. Perfect, electronic timing. As the water is run through the tube, it begins vibrating at the same frequency as the speaker. In turn, the DSLR used to film has its refresh rate synced accordingly—each droplet and rivulet pulses at the exact same time the camera captures an image to create motion, or in this case, the lack thereof. An extremely neat trick. No go forth and virtually defy the dictates of physics on your own. [Reddit]

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Yeah, it's incredible to me that the water follows precisely the same pattern every fraction of a second. I could see how this would work with a spinning object, but I thought water flowing would be more chaotic moment to moment.