How Jurassic Park's VFX Wizards Brought One of the Largest Dinos of All Time To Life

In shots where they were seen walking, Jurassic Park's resident brachiosaurs were realized with ground-breaking computer animation. But for shots when the film's human characters interacted with them high in the trees, the brachiosaurs were brought to life with complicated animatronics created by Stan Winston Studios.


And while you normally only hear about an actor's performance in a film, animating the brachiosaur actually required six puppeteers in total—controlling everything from the dino's tongue, to its eyes, to its jaw—who had to coordinate their performances to ensure the creature had lifelike and believable motions. And like actors, it required plenty of rehearsals to get everything just right before they got on set.

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It's so crazy to see that tech guy stick his hand into the Brachiosaurus model's mouth. I kept thinking, "What are you doing? That thing's EATING! You could lose that hand!"

As attractive as CG can be (and as impressive as it was in Jurassic Park and newer movies like Avatar), fully-realized models can be damn realistic when used properly.