Fun Tool Tells You When You'll Get Divorced

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So, you made one of the biggest commitments of all and got married. Now, how likely is it to stand the test of time? Well, this interactive chart will show you how likely you are to divorce based on your employment status, education, race, and gender.


Created by Nathan Yau from Flowing Data, the interactive chart is based on data from the American Community Survey between 2009 and 2014. By selecting from a series of filters you can see the cumulative rate of divorce for someone of your demographic. The green line is women, the orange line men. Simply toggle the filters then read across the age axis to find out the percentage of people like you who married at some point, then either divorced or remarried.

As Yau points out, it does a great job of busting the myth that half of all marriages end in divorce: The line never rises above 45 percent for a single one of the demographics. So that’s something, right?

Go take a look at whether or not your marriage will crumble.

[Flowing Data]

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Der Weiße Engel

How can you be “either divorced or remarried”? You can’t get remarried if you didn’t get divorced (outside of being widowed).

It would be nice if the chart indicated which curve is for males and which is for females.

There is no direct correlation between “the number of marriages that end in divorce” and the statistics in the article, since one person can get married and divorced any number of times, and the article is dealing with persons who get divorced at least once.