How McDonald's Makes Its Delicious French Fries

McDonald's french fries are so incredibly addicting that they can't be from this world, right? Wrong! Check out how McDonald's makes its delicious french fries in the video above, you'll see the farms the potatoes grow on, the massive machinery used to break them down and the good ol' fashioned frying that makes 'em pop. I can smell the fries through YouTube.


You can see the potatoes come from the ground and then move on to become miraculously peeled and pushed through the cutting system to be chopped into the lovely McDonald's fry shape. The fries are then blanched, dried, fried for 45 seconds and then frozen for shipping. It's a very efficient process. If you're a fan of McDonald's french fries and/or love machinery porn, check out the video above. [McDonald's Canada]


Dude I used to think it was the fries that make people fat and stuff but I wonder like Morgan Spurlock pointed out those damn buns don't decay. What the hell do they do to those? And they taste AMAZING!!!!