How Much Hair, Sweat, Pee and Poop Do Our Bodies Make Every Year?

Prepare to be grossed out. You know how you go to the bathroom every day, cut your nails every few weeks and cut your hair every month? Did you ever think about what all that totals up to? What about all those times you've cried or drooled or worked up a sweat? It adds up to an embarrassing amount of fluid!


I was very disappointed in our slow growing hair and nails. Only 6 inches and 1.5 inches? Weak. Our dead skin, on the other hand, can weigh as much as a human head! And our poop? An inspiring 360 pounds per year. [BuzzFeed]


I'm pretty sure I grow more than 6 inches of hair in a year. I did the whole donating my hair thing, and I grew about 12 inches in like a year and a half.