How Much Longer Is Sony Ericsson Going to Be Around?

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Once upon time, Sony Ericson made the most awesome little cellphones. Lately, it's been trying to sell high-end phones exclusively. But the phones suck, and Sony Ericsson's moving less phones than ever, falling out of the top 5 brands.


Given where it's at in market share and profitability compared to everybody else, long running corporate troubles and slow fade to irrelevancy (see:wondering how to be a trending topic on Twitter), we gotta ask: How much longer before Sony Ericsson kicks it?


Nothing to See Here!

In regards to "They'll be around forever!" nothing lasts forever. Everything is limited. Only nothing lasts forever, that is the only thing that lasts forever, nothing. If you get what I mean.

Imagine 'nothing', like, empty space, well, 'nothing' lasts forever, but anything doesn't. So, nothing in terms of objects, lasts forever, whereas, nothing, in terms of space, lasts forever. There will always be nothing somewhere.

Anyway, back to the post. Nothing lasts forever, any product saying "Limited edition" is bullshitting you. Because one day the factory will have to stop making them. So really, everything is limited...except nothing.