How Much Power Does It Take to Actually Blow Up a Planet?

Like, a lot of power. Scott Manley delves into the science of the planet destroying business and came up with the numbers that it would take to destroy a planet in Star Wars. To destroy an Earth-like planet which was like Alderaan, you’d need three trillion trillion trillion Joules of energy. There are five billion Joules of energy in a lightning bolt so yeah, you’d need a lot more energy.

Watch the science below. It’s so much more interesting than any other math or science class I’ve ever taken.


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I predict a reverse Genesis weapon, just kill everything on the surface, blowing things up is so…. showbiz. How much to scrape off the top 1 mile of stuff from a planet the size of Earth? If you think about it, blowing up an entire planet probably screws up the gravitational harmony of a solar system, why do that?