How Much Would a Pumpkin the Size Of Your House Weigh?

The wonderful world of genetic engineering has given us gargantuan pumpkins the size of compact cars. But don't think it's going to stop there. In addition to spreading Halloween cheer and giving local evening news something to cover, giant pumpkins could eventually be grown to the size of a house and used as a cheap and temporary place for someone to live.

The only problem would be successfully moving your new not-so-dream home to your neighborhood—because a comfortable 2,000 square foot two-story dwelling would equate to a pumpkin weighing over 175,000 pounds. And it would have to grow at an astonishing 1,255 pounds per day to reach that size in a single growing season. On the plus side, after cleaning it out to move furniture in you'd have all the pumpkin pie filling you'd need for a lifetime of Thanksgivings. [Movoto]


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