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How One Fed Up Employee Quit Circuit City

When a man takes a stand, it's not always against some super villain or asteroid hurling toward Earth. In most cases, it's a simple gesture, like knocking stuff over at Circuit City.


Gizmodo scored an interview (as part of our larger series) with one Circuit City employee who was at his breaking point.


Me: Was that you in the video?

Him: Yes it was.

Me: How long did you work at Circuit City?

Him: About 7 months, they wanted me to hold one of their signs outside and i was not having that.

Me: Liquidation signs?

Him: Yes, my manager gave me the option of holding the sign or the door and i chose the door.


Me: Do you feel bad for the guy who had to pick that stuff up?

Him: I talked to my fellow associate who told me that the mangers had to pick it up. And once I heard that I did not feel bad. I must say the managers that i had at this Circuit City were by far some of the worst managers I have ever had.


Me: What were those anyway, Guitar Hero boxes?

Him: Yeah, I wanted to knock over the whole display but it was a spur of moment thing and I didn't pick a good spot to push them over.


Me: So you'd thought ahead of time, I'm gonna stick it to that Guitar Hero display? Or, like, that went through your head in the split second on your way out?

Him: Well, I was always thinking that the day I quit I just want to push over the display of Rock Bands but since that was not set up I just decided to push over whatever was there and I told one of my buddies to have a camera ready cause I was going to do something if they made me go and hold that sign I was just gonna walk out and knock over the Guitar Heroes.


Me: Got it. Thanks for the story.

Him: Yeah, no problem. If you guys use it that would be cool if not i figured you would find it comical anyway, also my buddy said when he is ready to quit he will go all out so if you want that I will make sure to send you that video.


Me: We probably wont post two.

Him: True, but I will definitely send it for personal viewing lol, thanks for your time.


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Forcing him to hold a sign outside? I'm more than sure that wasn't in his job description. Good job b, don't let managers push you around, I would've done the same.