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How the iPhone 5 Camera Stacks Up with a DSLR

Illustration for article titled How the iPhone 5 Camera Stacks Up with a DSLR

In our iPhone 5 camera battle, we mostly pitted it against cameras in its own weight class: the Galaxy SIII, the HTC One X and the 4S. Sure, we stacked the odds a bit when we compared it to the Canon S100 and Nokia's 808 PureView, but we didn't go as far as to see how it fared with a Canon 5D Mark III. Maybe we should have.


Dustin Curtis, creator of Svbtle, was curious to see how the new iPhone 5 stacked up with a DSLR and though of course the Canon 5D Mark III trounces the iPhone 5 in every which way, the surprising thing is that the iPhone 5's camera doesn't completely embarrass itself. To take a closer look at the pictures (the iPhone 5 is on the left, the Canon 5D Mark III is on the right in the picture above), head over to Dustin Curtis' website where you can embiggen and magnify all the little details to see who really wins.


For professionals and hawk-eyed pixel counters, a cameraphone will never beat a DSLR. But for the folks who are just posting drunk pics to Facebook? The iPhone 5 camera, as its been shown already, is plenty good. []

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Moore's law is still rolling forward, but the chips that give digital cameras sight have hit a wall. Ever closer cell phone cameras are closing the gap between a $4000 camera, BECAUSE CHIP DESIGNER/MAKERS HAVE HIT A WALL!

Apple invented the whole smart phone category, digital camera chip designers and makers need some kind of rethink and a few breakthroughs in the digital to analog department to solve this problem. Think outside of the box like Apple, please.

Why buy a new DSLR, WHY??? THEY HAVE HIT A WALL!