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How Those Awesome Time Traveling NBA Commercials Are Made

If you've watched any basketball games this past season, you might have noticed some really great commercials that showed current NBA stars in their earlier life (in high school, college, etc) interacting with people from "the future" (or 2011). It's amazing when you see 2005 version of Kevin Durant "react" to the fact that he'll be playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder (a non-existant team at that point). Or 2011 people telling the young players how great they'll grow up to be.


The clip above details how they pulled off the Steve Nash commercial (which airs in full before the explanation). They basically re-created the scene, filmed it, tweaked it, color corrected it and made everyone scratch their heads and think maybe that kid was from the future. Great stuff. [Dime Mag]

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This is very good. Seamless. Perfect. Can anyone see anything "wrong" here? I can't, and I use photoshop so I can tell by the pixels;)

This tech has implications too for the altering of evidentiary videos, and historical film and video records such as that of the Kennedy assassination. If people can now be added and subtracted perfectly and undetectably from videos, where does that leave video as a record? We lost photos a long time ago with PS and now video is no longer reliably congruent with actual events.

Forest Gump did the Kennedy Gump scene essentially the same way as these guys. I would say that these guys did a better job, if only cause they had better tech than Gump.

"Ken Ralston and his team at Industrial Light & Magic were responsible for the film's visual effects. Using CGI techniques, it was possible to depict Gump meeting deceased personages and shaking their hands. Hanks was first shot against a blue screen along with reference markers so that he could line up with the archive footage.[21] To record the voices of the historical figures, voice doubles were hired and special effects were used to alter the mouth movements for the new dialogue.[15] Archival footage was used and with the help of such techniques as chroma key, image warping, morphing, and rotoscoping; Hanks was integrated into it." -wiki