How Those Beautiful Time-Lapses Are Made

Eric Kessler of Kessler Crane hosted Timefest 2011, an event that brought top photographers around the country to showcase the gadgets, inventions, contraptions, small dollies, little engines, joysticks, controllers, wheels, iPhone apps, beer, secret locations and anything else you can think of that goes into a time-lapse shot.


Creating time-lapses is a little overwhelming and actually a lot of hard work (hours and hours outside) but is also rewarding (fun with nature, hanging with buddies, awesome shots) and just fantastically cool. The gear they're working with is to die for (I especially love the joystick controlled machine). I love watching passionate people in their element, doing what they love and killing it. Think of it as a short documentary, I zipped through the whole half hour like it was nothing. I think you'll do the same. [Kessler U via Tom Guilmette


I do about 100 1000 frame time laps things a year. I understand the obsession with the best equipment but it sends the wrong message. Pentax has these all weather point and shoot cameras that just happen to have the time laps feature. The latest is the WG-1. For less then $300 your in the game. You can use iPhoto or FCP or any of a number of programs to create the video file.

The Kessler rigs sound great, but it's a few levels above the simplicity of just choosing a great angle and doing a timelapse.