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How to Be the Ultimate Facebook Troll

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

When I first saw this screenshot, I chuckled and assumed that someone probably faked it for the sake of a good joke. But then I thought about it and realized that I could be wrong.

Someone might have discovered how to be the ultimate Facebook troll.

After all, how simple would it be to go through your friends' albums and post outrageous accusations on photos?


WTF! Did you seriously photoshop your head onto Kevin's body just to pretend that you're dating Sara?!?!

Uhhh, dude. Don't you think someone's gonna notice that you're not in any of the photos from this party and remember that you weren't even there? Why are you copying these from people's albums?


You don't even go to this school! Why did you borrow someone's graduation gown and pose for these pictures?

Why are you posting photos of my boyfriend in an album labeled ~*** ^_^ MY LOVE ^_^ ***~?

Why are you standing so close to that kid? I thought the court order forbade that, man.

And so on. You get the idea. By the time your friends see and dispute or remove your strange claims, someone will have probably seen them—and hopefully snapped a screenshot for posterity—and so the damage will have been done.


Yes, it's mean. No, you probably shouldn't do it. Yes, I will probably laugh along with you if you do wind up doing it—unless it's my Facebook page that you're defacing. [Reddit via someecards]